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Mmm, plum pie sounds great! My Blueberry Six started

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Posted to Thread #18711 at 10:33 pm on Aug 1, 2010

Friday, baking more blueberry bars for a friend who was having a Tupperware-type party today. They were really good, but a little pale. No one knew what they were <i>supposed </i>to look like, and were eaten right up.

Yesterday went to the first annual Blueberry Festival here. I never saw blueberries as large as these (the size of a quarter, honestly) but only bought a couple pieces of blueberry tart - inspired, I went to an orchard and picked a couple more quarts.

The tart had a sweet, crisp (brittle) crust and I'm trying to figure out if they made it with puff pasty. Has anyone ever heard of a shell like this? It was very good, and went well with the smooth creamy filling topped with the humungous blueberries.

Made jerk chicken for dinner tonight... marinated chicken, grilled, and topped with fresh pineapple chunks, strawberries, and almonds. Very refreshing!

I froze the leftover creamy enchildas individually the other night, and thawed them for lunch yesterday. They were even better the second time around, nuked and served with avocado slices. Low-carb and very tasty! It was one of those things that while you're eating it, you stop and think "Did I really make something this good?!" and it's good for me?! Getting a little sick of chicken though...

On the way home from the orchard I stopped at a tag sale and bought an antique rose bowl, a springy-type round wire whisk which I have come to find out is a "twirl" whisk, and a small wok. I had one a long time ago but haven't used one lately. Now I can't wait to make something in it. I wonder if I could use it to make omelets...

Link: The Reluctant Gourmet Talks About Whisks

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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