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Just finished this dinner---*******WOW**********

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Posted to Thread #18721 at 1:02 am on Aug 4, 2010

The Chicken in Coconut Curry was about the best thing I've ever made in my kitchen.

It is now a house favorite and we're already planning a dinner party around this fabulous menu.

Only thing I would do is add a salad and/or raita as a foil to the richness of eating the chicken curry and parathas.

The Dal Soup is sublime.

I also made the chickpea, pistachio, and coriander fudge dessert that went with this but see I didn't post it. You can get it at the cooking channel tv web site.

I made that first and was thinking it was very yummy when I took a taste out of the pot before putting it in the sink. But after eating this fireworks explosion (it's spicy with moderate heat, but I didn't find it too hot at all) of a dinner, what was originally a very tasty sweet suddenly didn't have much taste. Will have to try it on its own tomorrow to reevaluate.

I did add frozen peas to the chicken. When I was watching her show I thought, she needs some veggies in there, then when I finished it, it was just begging for green peas, especially since there really isn't much in the way of vegetables otherwise. I added quite a bit, there's more than enough of the sauce to support them, and thought they were an inspired addition, really kicking up the visual interest and the flavor, texture, and contrast of this amazing dish.

Also, I used fresh curry leaves instead of dried, that probably boosted the flavor a bit as well. And Curry leave are so unbelievably tasty.

I heartily recommend all of these recipes.
They are quite exceptional.

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