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Posted to Thread #18735 at 2:48 am on Aug 6, 2010

Drive up to Mt. Hood and see Timberline Lodge. Drive down the other side of the mountain and come back along the gorge and see the dam (watch the salmon going upstream via the fish ladder) personally I love the grounds at the dam fish hatchery and all the waterfalls. Pretty much a full day.

Drive down through the wine country to Newport where Randi lived. Have lunch on the bay - I 'll have to look up where she took me but whatever you do - DO NOT eat at a Mo's!!!). Drive up the 'coast' and through dairy country. Stop at Tillamook, eat the freshest seafood you have ever had at Pacific Oyster, go on up to Cannon Beach and then drive back over to Portland. Actually - my friends all said to drive up the coast but thinking about it -maybe drive down (who cares about seeing the sunset over a big rock?) so that you can better take advantage of all those wineries.

Drive up to Mt. Saint Helens. I guess it's something everyone should see once. It's strange. Stop and get potato soup, potato logs (or whatever they call them) and a fried pork chop at te gas station on the left as you go up that is either the last gas station or the next to last - it's a large place that is gas and a grocery. The food was really quite good and we stopped going and it was so good we stopped coming back.

Definitely don't miss the Farmers Market - there is one every day somewhere but the main one on PSU campus on Saturday is the best. And don't miss the Saturday Market - I stay on the river side which is pretty much artisans and such - it's a lot of junk, though some of it's interesting and there are a few vendors with handmade goods on the other side.

I haven't had the pleasure of enjoying the rose gardens either time I was there but you can bet I am doing it next time!

Just enjoy downtown - there is so much to see and do and free transportion in the downtown loop and cheap mass transit to almost everywhere else.

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