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You are both more than welcome! I have found & used so many wonderful RECS from all you fine

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folks that I don't ever think my debt will be paid to post in return.

I have been busy this week prepping & baking desserts for a community annual fund raiser tomorrow night to the tune of 150 guests. Several of the recipes I plan to serve come from this site.

I just finished assembling the Tropical Rum Trifle I mentioned to cheezz recently back when I posed my recent coconut question. All the individual layers taste great so I hope the completed dessert is just as wonderful after everything melds together overnight.

Instead of buying pound cake for that trifle, I made the Coconut Cream Cheese Pound Cake I posted. That recipe is a keeper--so moist and flavorful! I had a little bit of the pound cake left over so I sat down and ate it while guzzling a cup of coffee and called that my "lunch". And YES, I could have made it fit in the footed trifle bowl if I had tried very hard, but I needed a boost and sugar always energizes this kid. ha!

Time to get back to the salt mines aka my kitchen. I will post everything I am making sometime next week after I recover from tomorrow night's gala.

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