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How about another Sbrisulona (although I have no idea what that is!), it sounds

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elegant and delicious... or a chocolate cheesecake? Have fun, sounds like a good time.

My weekend six:

Exciting! Won about $100 worth of gift cerficates at the State Fair this a.m. (Dinosaur BBQ, Wendy's, Nice /n/ Easy) but the only bad thing was that it was in front of an audience - on live tv!

You all make such elegant meals and desserts... I'm lucky if I can muster enough energy in this heat to make hamburgs and defrost some eclairs.

I am making horseradish cole slaw tomorrow for a block party on Monday though! Maybe now that it's a little cooler, I'll be inspired to make a peach pie too.

Going to the drive-in (one of the last in the state) to see "Inception" in about an hour.

Four - that's about all I can do this time. There's lotsa weekend left tho!

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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