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Hello!!! My Saturday six, and a quick question...

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Posted to Thread #18929 at 2:38 am on Sep 5, 2010

Sorry I have been absent, it so tiring working full time after such an absence, plus I had a sadness at the beginning of August, but I'm better now and back in the kitchen!

My question, I was given a covered glazed ceramic cooker for my birthday, shaped like a chicken (adorable), from Environmental Ceramics for Taylor & Ng circa 1964. It's supposed to roast and brown chickens and roasts using high heat. Soooo, I'm giving it its maiden voyage with a 3# cross rib roast rubbed with herbs and a base of Finn potatoes and spring onions. The pamphlet that came with it said to roast a large chicken 4+# for an hour and a half. Think I should roast my beastie for that same length? I am going to check it in an hour. The herbs smell great!!!

I had a fun morning at the farmers market. I had a tour gig, a small group of locals and we had a great time. They even tipped me! I was so touched!

Then I went shopping! I ran into Chris Cosentino and his wife Tatiana, she and I are fast buddies on twitter, that is so fun. My tour group got to meet with Mark Pastore, the other half of the genius behind Incanto restaurant and Boccolone. He's dreamy! Yes, yet another chef crush...

I had a huge porcetta sandwich then lugged my purchases home, then iced my shoulder for carrying all that weight! With my tips I bought that beef roast and some peaches. Tomorrow, peach ice cream!

The folks who make Point Reyes Blue cheese now make mozzarella do I snagged a tub, some dry farmed tomatoes, herbs and baby lettuces, yellow zucchini and strawberries. This weekend I will eat well!

Hope one of y'all can help guide me with my roast question. It feels rather naughty to be roasting a roast just for me, but what the heck, right?

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