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Saturday Six

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Posted to Thread #18966 at 12:28 am on Sep 12, 2010

1. After sleeping virtually all day to try to wipe out a cold before leaving for a trip on Wednesday, I rallied and pan-fried scallops with parsley and garlic for dinner.

2. I have nothing made for a wedding picnic that may or may not happen tomorrow; since the couple hasn't indicated what will happen if it rains (which it's supposed to), my main plan at this point involves buying a box of Italian cookies from a neighborhood bakery. That's terrible. I know.

3. After reading the NY Times piece (in the link) about Chock Full o' Nuts returning to Manhattan, I have an inexplicable craving for date bread with cream cheese! Anyone have a good recipe to share?

4. This is not terrifically food-related, but I'll be in Amsterdam on Thursday; any recommendations?

5. I made Tarte au sucre (Sugar Pie) a couple of weeks ago; it's a very easy yeast...cake, topped with creme fraiche, but I was just wondering if anyone else has made something like this. It's like brioche without the eggs (and it's baked in a pie pan). But there's something missing; somehow, it's not light enough. (If anyone would like, I'll post the recipe and you can see what you think, or what suggestions you'd make.)

6. Does anyone read mysteries involving food? If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them. Doing a bit of research. ;)

Happy weekend,


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