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Making oven-roasted potatoes ahead?

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Posted to Thread #19107 at 6:35 pm on Oct 6, 2010

I'm cooking for a party this weekend. Casual, no sit down eating, lots of drinking. Tapas--50 people or so in and out throughout the night.

One recipe I was counting on I've since decided not to make because while I liked it, I don't think the crowd would. I'd like to sub in something simple so I thought I'd just roast some potatoes (like Ina's, serve with aioli and pass it off as a tapas dish.

It would be nice if I could make these ahead and rewarm during the party, because I have so many other dishes to turn out. Does anyone know if I can make these ahead and reheat or if doing so will make them soggy? Or have any prep tips for streamlining if I can't make ahead. I definitely won't have time to cut up all the potatoes during the party. Plus, I might be too tipsy. ;)

I think I've planned pretty well so almost everything will be made ahead or very easy to throw together at the party.


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