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Great advice here Barb. Relax! Your a great cook

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and whatever you serve will be great I feel certain. But I put myself in your shoes and thought what would I do in that situation? My mind raced through a collection of my favorite recipes and you know what I came up with fast? Burgers and mac & cheese. I have a Caprial Pense recipe for lamb burgers that are wonderful and a mac & cheese recipe from Martha Stewart both on the gourmet side. I love putting the perfect appetizer and salad to go with the main. Simple comfort food on the gourmet side. I have made this combo many times when I've had someone over for dinner that I felt a bit intimidated by. I feel like I'm not trying to show off but it's clear I can cook! You'll come up with that combo that you feel great about and all will be fine. Take a deep breath and relax. And I'll betcha his wife would love to be there with you all.

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