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My Weekend Six

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Posted to Thread #19140 at 12:18 am on Oct 11, 2010

Okay, it seems like Friday was a month ago, so let's see...

Trying to decide what to make for a potluck dinner on Wednesday night at the Y. So many picky-- ahem, "healthy" eaters there, there always seems to be lots of pasta dishes and carb-loaded food. I want to bring some kind of hearty, yet not-too-difficult (or expensive) dish. Wouldn't hurt if it was kid-friendly too.

Saturday I made a no-added sugar raspberry-apple pie with a perfect crust... how'd I do that! Must remember and do again soon. Did I mention I have 20 lbs of apples sitting in my garage?

Beautiful weekend here (and there's still one more day of it) - cool and sunny, leaves turning bright orange and red. Went for a good, long hike in the woods with son and a friend of his, then stopped for miniature golf on the way home. Haven't done that in years...

I tried roasting a couple of red peppers on my smoothtop stove. It worked pretty good, and now I have a nice topper for my next sandwich.

Oh! We finally made it to Five Guys and Fries. They came to Syracuse during the summer. Very good. Humungous hamburgs with every imaginable topping to choose from. I would go with the "small" version next time, which was still about 1/4 lb I think. I was good and didn't order French fries, although they looked very good.

I'm in the baking mood again and have recently been eating B&M's brown bread in a can for breakfast with different types of cheeses and fruit for breakfast. I forgot how good that bread was. I know it's a New England product - anyone else ever try it? I didn't know it was baked right in the can. I'll make some pumpkin and/or bran muffins to have on hand for healthy snacks this week.

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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