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REC: Pineapple Margahooties

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Posted to Thread #2203 at 3:35 pm on Jun 5, 2006

You'll be hooting after a couple of these. I posted this recipe at Gail's (RIP) years ago. It truly is amazing how it has spread (google pineapple margahootie and you'll see how many people have borrowed it for their own).

Pineapple Margahooties


2 pineapples, trimmed & cubed
2 vanilla beans
1/2 cup brown sugar
3 liters tequila


12 oz frozen lime juice concentrate
12 oz pineapple tequila
4 pineapple chunks

Put pineapple tequila ingredients into a tight sealing jar. Leave for at least a week, stirring every so often.

Make margahootie: put first three ingredients in blender and fill to top with ice. Blend
until smooth and frozen.

You can top up your jar of pineapple tequila with more tequila as you take it out, but the taste does get diluted. Tequila to pineapple is just a suggestion. I have a large suntea jar and after I put the pineapple, vanilla, and sugar in the jar, I fill'er up.

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