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I made the soup last night. I bought some fresh andouille, which I poached then cut into slices. I

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never did find mustard greens, so substituted beet greens along with turnip greens and collards.

It was good, but my cornmeal mixture was very loose and really flattened out on the baking sheet. Did either of you have that issue? I actually scooped it back into the bowl and added a couple more tablespoons of flour. They cooked up nicely, though. I probably made them a little large, I was getting frazzled by the time I redid them. The fresh andouille wasn't as spicy as the Aidell's andouille I usually buy.

And I recommend removing the bayleaves before serving. Dh asked what that really tough leaf was, I had no clue until after dinner when I realized he'd eaten a bayleaf.

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