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Has anyone returned an Analon product for warranty replacement? I have a 13" griddle,

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Posted to Thread #20623 at 11:22 pm on Oct 4, 2011

originally nonstick, that I dearly love. It sticks now and the nonstick surface is patchy, still there but not looking so good.

I can't find this still in production, by anyone. It has a solid metal (loop) handle on either side rather than just one and seems to be larger than most.

I'd like to see if they will replace it with something similar, but if they won't, I don't want to lose it in the return process. And I'm too much of a weakling for cast iron.

I see that they don't cover the use of cooking sprays, which I never use. Don't know if they'd believe me.

Anyone know how liberal they are with the warranty or if they return items that they won't cover?

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