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I treid to reply to this post yesterday but my computer didn't cooperate...anyways

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I love pesto and could probably eat it with a spoon (never triedf that tho... ;-)

I use pesto all the time:

1) I add a spoon of pesto in veget6able soups as a 'finish'.
2) I mix pesto with sour cream and use it as a dip.
3) I mix pesto with cottage chese and use it as a spread.
4) I decorate the main cours plate with dot's of pesto when i have guests over for dinner.
5) I use pesto as a sauce for baked white fish.
6) I use pesto as a spread when i make sanwich wraps.

This post have raised my craving for pesto now :-D

"I Love Cooking With Wine. Sometimes I Even Put It In The Food."

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