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ISO TG Corn Pudding advice -- can it sit or be reheated? Help...

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Posted to Thread #20957 at 1:21 am on Nov 20, 2011

So someone mentioned Ina's corn pudding doesn't reheat well and I'm wondering if I can still make some sort of corn pudding or not. (Can you tell I'm sorta craving it?)

I need to arrive dish in hand at no later than 2pm and we eat more like 6pm. So typically things get reheated or baked off after the bird comes out. (It's one oven with many things so I can't water bath there.)

So after the mention of Ina's maybe not working I dug around for Mom's recipe. I found 2, one with pimentos (I don't ever recall eating that) that was baked and one without which sounds more like what we ate. However that one is a water bath too.

It's been so long I don't recall making this ever, but I know Mom and I took corn pudding to TG back in the day. I can't ask her as her memory isn't what it was.

How reheatable is corn pudding and how would you do it? Micro? Oven? Make something else and give up on making corn pudding?

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