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I definitely agree. A foodie friend and I are currently debating whether there is more pleasure in

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the creation or the eating. I think both of us are leaning toward the prep. Perhaps they are two different realms of enjoyment, one the creative pleasure and the other the indulgent.

But when we consume what others have created, there is no less enjoyment than if we had prepared it ourselves. But can't we forgive ourselves for dissecting and being critical of the food we eat?

And then there's the question: Is it okay to be critical of the food we have prepared ourselves? Our guests scorn if we have any negative comments about what we create ourselves but I am always reluctant to swoon publicly over something I've made myself. Can't we be equally critical in both directions, regardless of who made it?

I think what I'm learning is that I just have to hold my comments on my own food, at least until the end of the meal.

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