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Holiday Memories . . . and prepping for the cooking . . . .

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Posted to Thread #20970 at 2:11 am on Nov 22, 2011

Several years ago my brother gifted all the siblings with a picture/vignette he had photographed many years earlier.

To anyone else this photograph would mean NOTHING. A photograph of an old shaving cup with trains, filled with an odd assortment of pencils and pens, an emory board, scissors, and a rusty can opener (church key). Next to the mug are two TOTALLY, TOTALLY GRODDY Eight O'Clock Coffee piggy bank tins that have been staples in my life, living on the counter over the sink for as long as I can ever remember. Compositionally, it's a great photo/vignette on its own. Even if no one knew the subject. So that's just the visual.

But, the most endearing part of the photograph, one that takes microscopic vision to see and one that others would not catch is that perched behind the coffee cans (as we referred to them) is my Mom's Thanksgiving count-down schedule. I can barely make out that it says "Tuesday, Wednesday." I can only guess beyond that. Cranberries. Pumpkin pie mousse for the chiffon pie to prepare.

Mom always had her list. And this very little glimpse of it makes me VERY THANKFUL each and every Thanksgiving just for the memory.

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