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Hi! I'm here, minus 2 TBL of A+ blood that fortunately missed the corn casserole...

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but left a blood spurt pattern that would have made Dexter proud!

Below is the menu on our kitchen pantry door painted with blackboard paint by Larry. It makes me smile every time I use it. [Well, maybe not so much the day the roof inspector was in the kitchen and while admiring the door, suddenly paused. I had forgotten this little note under the To-Do list: <i>Saturday Afternoon Sex</i>.]


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Let's run down the list of <b><i>Thank you's!</b></i>:

<b>CathyZ</b>, for her brilliant idea of roasting a turkey (11.5 lb, $6.50 at Publix) ahead of time to finish the gravy and stock.
<b>Pat in NorthCal</b> for Cheese Straws, closely followed by
<b>AngAK</b> for telling Pat they could be frozen. Ha! I got to make them the night before. Of course, I forgot I wouldn't have ANYWHERE TO BAKE THEM because <i>Mr. Whole Foods Fresh Organic The World Revolves Around Me $65 Turkey</i> took over the entire friggin' oven. And the toaster oven was too small. So I baked them underneath <i>Mr. Whole Foods Fresh Organic The World Revolves Around Me $65 Turkey</i> where they took half an hour to bake, but were delicious. I served one across each ramekin of soup.
<b>Cindy (hugs! from Pittsburgh)</b> for posting the original recipe for Hyeholde soup. It made an entire table of adults realize they liked split pea soup. I also got to <i>"show & tell"</i> the chinois and wooden mallet that made their soup so smooth.
<b>Joe</b> for the Caramelized Brussel Sprouts. We did a test run earlier in the week and felt the bacon grease was a little overwhelming, so I cut down the amount of bacon and then scooped out its grease. It was delightful and everyone seemed surprised to realize they liked brussel sprouts. I guess bacon makes anything good.
<b>Traca</b> for posting that photo of the brussel sprouts with pomegranate seeds. I picked one up and tried the seed-removal trick in "Plenty": Cut the pomegranate across the equator and hold it over a bowl--cut-side facing down--in the palm of your hand. Now take a rolling pin and whack it! Gently if you like, but I really got into it. Good way to release pent-up emotions. The seeds start to fall/pop out. You still have to dig out some, but not as many.
<b>EVERYONE</b> who gave me advice on the turkey. Even though it had a pop-up naval button and even though I checked it often, it still managed to overcook up to 190 degrees. I think this was somewhere around the time I was trying to amputate my left index finger and wash off the blood-stained wallpaper without the guests seeing. Oh well. Larry said the dark was moist and delicious. Sadly, I can't say the same for the overcooked, dry white meat.
<b>Steve in LA</b> I used your foil sling method but didn't make it long enough. It was definitely working, but I yanked it out too quickly and <i>Mr. Whole Foods Fresh Organic The World Revolves Around Me $65 Turkey</i> slide back down onto his non-silicon enhanced breast. I got out my big mitts and flipped that sucker over.
<b>Richard</b> for his Russian Potato Casserole. As always, I genuflect in your direction. Oddly, the crock pot was so hot that it burnt Larry's hand, yet somehow the potatoes were cold. Fortunately, they heated up in the oven along with the yam, stuffing and corn.

I didn't manage to get a photo of the table setting with the unfinished GBH's name tags, but here are some that were moved to the sunporch. I filled large martini glasses with candy and the guests each brought some. They all seemed to have a good time of it and I didn't have guests crowding into my tiny kitchen, watching me attempt to severe a tendon.

{No severing. No serious damage. Larry was insisting we go to the emergency room and I hissed--hissed!--that I wasn't going to the ER when I had a roomful of guests and a turkey to serve!! I told him to get LOTS of gauze and tape and that's how we got through the day. Sunday I let him take me to the Urgent Care after we cut away the gauze to find my joint swollen to double its size. I thought infection has set in but TAKE NOTE! Turns out ($100 copay later) that it's just lymphatic fluids "surrounding the wagons" as it were to help heal the wound.}

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