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Befriend your favorite Chinese chef. If they sell roast duck, they have tons of duck fat.

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Posted to Thread #21046 at 10:14 pm on Nov 30, 2011

Perhaps they'd let you liberate him from some of the fat? Never hurts to ask.

Why I've gotten bolder about asking for these things?

1. My buddy who is a butcher pays $400/mo just to have his bones taken away. (Save some for me! I'll make stock!)

2. Another friend has a runaway best selling product called "Bacon Jam". It turns out, they go through 4,000 pounds of bacon a month. "What do you do with the fat?" "Throw it out." "Yikes! You should sell it?" "Who would want to buy bacon fat?" My guess...the same people who want to buy duck fat!

3. Keep in mind if you do end up buying duck fat, you can reuse it. Confit one day, french fries the next. :)

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