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Jeeze, I have poached eggs regularly. . .

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I use a small Paul Revere frying pan, enough water to almost cover the tops of the egg yolks. I heat the water to boiling then turn down to a very low boil and add the eggs.

I crack the eggs directly (usually) into the extremely hot water; I usually cook two at a time. Just after I crack in the second egg, I run a spatula carefully under the first and then under the second to release them from the bottom of the pan. I keep a close eye on the eggs turn over for a little bit (helps to cook the whites) and back over the way they went in. When they are done to my liking, with fairly firm whites but runny yolks I pull them immediately and place on my toast.

As soon as the eggs are out(whole) on the toast, I take the pan to the sink and scrub briefly to get rid of any white stuck to the bottom of the pan. If I have done things right, it takes very little effort to remove the residue and I can then go to my eggs while they are still hot.

When I scrub the pan, I make sure to use a scratchy scotch-brite style pad.

I usually toast my bread just before the eggs are put into the water and I keep the toast from getting soggy by bracing the pieces on a knife or somesuch, so moisture will not condense on the bottom.

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