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Package up the dry powdered icing sugar and include small jars of liquid

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Divide the recipe below:
portion out 4 bags of 8 oz sifted powdered sugar.
Portion out 4 jars of 1/4 C of liquid each.

Add a note to the kids to pour each sugar in a separate bowl and slowly stir in one bottle of liquid. Wa-la. Ready to use icing.

I like to use squeeze bottles for decorating.

<i>Sugar Baby Icing</i>

1- 32 oz. pkg. Confectioner’s sugar, sifted

1/3 cup evaporated skimmed milk

1/3 cup white corn syrup

1 t. vanilla

1/3 cup water, boiling

Kids won't mind a little lumpiness since they'll be having fun. If it's all going to the same home, tint one of the four liquids green and one red. Let two be white.

Don't forget bags to wrap the finished cookies in--just in case there are some uneaten ones. Also, be sure to tell them they take a while to dry out---usually overnight.

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