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This is once again on my list to try this year. Rec: Fabulous Fudge Wreath

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Posted to Thread #21211 at 8:57 pm on Dec 16, 2011

I have had it on my list a few years, but I really am not a sweet eater, so tend to cross them off the list. Anyway, This looks like fun and sounds relatively easy. Rachel Ray also has a similiar recipe if you want to compare and contrast ingredients / decorations.

Fabulous Fudge Wreath

12 ounces DOVE Milk Chocolate - chopped,
1 cup butterscotch chips,
1 14-oz. can sweetened condensed milk,
½ teaspoon vanilla extract,
1 cup Chocolate-Covered Almonds and Cranberry Blend,
Dark Chocolate Leaves - for garnish,
Cinnamon-Dusted Almonds - for garnish,
M&M's™ Premiums - for garnish

1. Butter an 8"-round cake pan. Wrap the empty can of condensed milk in plastic wrap and place in the middle of the cake pan to form the hole in the wreath.

2. Over medium heat, melt the chocolate, butterscotch chips, condensed milk and vanilla in a medium saucepan for about 3 to 4 minutes, or until smooth. Add nut and cranberry blend.

3. Pour fudge into the cake pan to form the wreath (an uneven, bumpy texture on top is desirable).

4. Decorate the fudge with leaves, almonds and M&M's® Premiums for a splash of color.

5. Set the wreath in the refrigerator until firm (1½ to 2 hours).

6. Remove the can from the center of the wreath and loosen the sides and bottom with a spatula.


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