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Yes, it did-does! Went there already...

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Posted to Thread #21235 at 10:31 pm on Dec 19, 2011

The upshot is, there's the Chuck Eye steak, just off the rib-said to be as flavorful as rib-eye, and just 1-3 ribs off the rib eye. So I cut a few of those. The larger portion of eye of chuck became a lovely rolled chuck eye roast. Almost looked like I knew what I was doing! LOL! I also took several thin slices for carne asada. The blade portion was also 1) slice for blade steak; 2) carne asada, and last but not least, 6# of stew beef, which could be ground later if I want. All in all, I had just under 1/2# loss on the whole cut - could have been turned into ground chuck if I wanted...and I may yet freeze that, just for that reason. I ended up with a couple small eye of chuck steaks for tonight, and 11 more meal sized packages. I packed the stew been into 2# packages because I tend to braise the meat for shredded beef. This time it took me a few time it shouldn't be quite so unnerving...looking at those muscles and trying to figure which was what the first time was kind of foreign territory! I ended up using a boning knife to separate the muscles...I got a cleaner cut that way. In order to slice it really well, the eye of chuck would have needed to be semi=frozen. Maybe next time, if I'm happy with the way I cut this one. Next up is Michael's carnitas! I'm home for 2 weeks and I'm loving this!

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