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Absolutely, I do that all the time. The chocolate will be a little more melty than the chips, since

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chips are designed to keep their shape, ie, not melt as easily. So, don't chop the chocolate too finely or it will disappear into the batter. I prefer to chop it into fairly large chunks, about 1/3 - 1/2 inch, but that's entirely up to you. Just make sure they're at least as large, preferably slightly larger than standard chips. Overall, when you chop the chocolate, you'll get a variety of sizes, so don't try to get them totally uniform - Anyway, it makes it more interesting to have various sizes and shapes.

The chunks will spread/melt more than the chips, and the final result will yield softer chocolate chunks inside the cookies . Also, bar chocolate is generally of a higher quality than chips, so the taste of the chunks should be even better than if you used chips.

Here's an image of cookies make with chopped chocolate, as opposed to chips.


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