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Posted to Thread #21239 at 9:29 pm on Dec 20, 2011

If I hover over the photo I want to use, I see a menu of choices, none of which has HTML on it. There is a frame at the right that has "Links" on it which is where I grabbed the URL that I used above. However, the interface is different that it used to be, and when I click the link (that formerly copied the URL for the pic into the paste buffer) I get a URL that has an [IMG] tag on either end, both of which need to be deleted to make the URL work once its pasted, but I can't find anywhere on the photo to copy the URL to post the pic as I used to.

I just upgraded to new Windows at home, but I already had it on my laptop and used it that way, so I don't think new OPS is the problem.

Any advice as to what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

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