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Rec: Pork and Ginger Pot Stickers (Part I). I AM a glutton for punishment!!!

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Posted to Thread #21273 at 5:36 am on Dec 24, 2011

I started making these tonight at 5:30 pm. I finished making 31 at 10:15!! Iím wound upÖ (thank goodness thereís no Jack Daniels on handÖ)

I used Ming Tsaiís recipe and went to Wong Kai, a Chinese grocer, for the paper thin dumpling skins for these. I used Jadenís Hairís technique (see Image Link) and as you can see, hers are the thicker kind and look like store-bought goyzas which I could not find Ė only won ton skins that were square. I used her slurry mix and that helped to seal them.

I taste-tested a mini midget burger of one and itís delicious but a bit salty and I followed the directions to a tee for Mingís pot stickers. Iím so glad Meryl gave me her tweaks for the dipping sauce that uses less salt as I know she always does.

Still have most of the pork mix left to wrap and so I Saran-wrapped it for tomorrowís remaining work. The potstickers are getting a bit prettier with practice but, I PRAY that they donít break when steaming!!

Will make Merylís sauce tomorrow or Sunday morning.

The good news is that Iím going to fry up my first two duds along with a couple of skinny turkey sausages tonight. Beach tomorrow!!

Next year, quackers & cheese!!

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Link: Ming Tsai's Pork and Ginger Pot Stickers

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