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Tamale Party Recap

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Posted to Thread #21288 at 5:23 am on Jan 2, 2012

Out of multiple fillings, the Red Chile Pork w/ added chipotle was the hit of today's tamale party. For the masa, we tried two different versions. (Rick Bayless & Villa Victoria's.) This one was the winner. (Linked)

For the fat, we used Mangalitsa Pork Lard. So flipping delicious!

We had both corn husks and banana leafs for wrapping. I never noticed the difference until we steamed them up and did a side by side comparison. The banana leaf imparts a "vegetal" quality. I'm thinking it would be a good match with a green chile filling, but going forward, corn husks are my first preference.

We steamed tamales in a double-decker bamboo steamer and then someone had the idea to steam some in the large rice cooker. Worked like a charm! Will be doing that again.

What a lovely time! All told, we had 7 people. Oof! I'm pooped. Over 2 days, I made:

- Sandra's Chile Verde, served over rice
- Cranberry Salsa (the girl assigned to chips didn't show up, so we fried our own chips with some corn tortillas I had)
- Rick Bayless' Chipotle Peanuts (these were terrific!)
- Black Bean and Goat Cheese tamale filling
- Rick Bayless' Red Chile Pork tamale filling
- Daisy Martinez's Flan

In addition, we had:
- Green Chile Pulled Pork tamale filling
- Sweet Potato tamale filling
- Jamaica & Tequilla cocktails
- Assorted Mexican beers

Best of all, it was a group of people who had never met and we had a fabulous time. Plans are already in the works for the next hands on party: SAUSAGE!


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