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Posted to Thread #21396 at 7:28 am on Jan 14, 2012

Two people have contacted me directly about problems they were having. Another contacted me through two other members. I wrote that person twice with no response. Second time I copied the two members who had contacted me on his behalf. The second person who contacted me just yesterday, I got back to this evening.

I challenge any resident expert complainer to come up with one instance where someone has contacted me without getting a response? But if you have an issue and instead of contacting me you just complain, and waste people's time in the swap, what can I do?

And while the donations are appreciated the "Buy Me a Coffee" while yes being out there a long time, has been used a grand total of 1 time since August of last year and that was 4 days ago. Meanwhile I continue to do my part. No complaints but always nice to show up and get it all explained to me. And having a logo on the items I sent out at my own expense is somehow terrible? Wow!

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