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Up to several days in advance roll thin slices of white bread even thinner with a rolling pin, cut small circles and line mini muffin cups. Bake until lightly toasted. Store in an air-tight container until filling. For my derby party I make a take on hot browns by filling then with a turkey salad with a Parmesan dressing topped with a slice of cherry tomato and a small piece of bacon. You could also line the cup with a piece of lettuce then fill with a bacon and tomato salad. Someone more imaginative than I could probably think of more non-dairy fillings. The cups stay crisp quite a while after filling. I assume it depends on the filling but my mini cold browns are filled a couple hours in advance and even leftovers refrigerated filled are still pretty good the next day.

I also really like Machengo cheese crackers, Rooster's firecrackers, and Joanne Weir's crostini with fennel sausage. All have been bit hits every time they are served. All have dairy. I would be glad to post recipes if you want them.

Cooking for people I care abut always comforts me. I hope you can find similar comfort in preparing for the memorial.

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