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I put a JavaScript on mine awhile back and it works beautifully! Scroll to bottom >>>

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You can put this JavaScript on your iPad or iPhone. You save it like a bookmark on your web browser then when you need to go to the bottom on a website, you click on Bookmarks then select it -

Here is the process:
1) Open up your Safari web browser
2) Bookmark a page (by tapping the icon just to the left of the url bar)
3) Go into your bookmarks (by tapping the bookmark icon button)
4) Click “Edit”
5) Select your new bookmark
6) Change the name to “Scroll to Bottom” (or whatever you want)
7) Delete the address

8) Copy and paste the following into the address box [just double-click anywhere within the javascript code, copy and then paste]:


9) Save (by tapping Done)

Now when you are on a web page and want to go to the bottom, choose bookmarks and select “Scroll to Bottom” (or whatever you decide to call it).

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