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Weekend six

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Posted to Thread #21468 at 3:20 am on Jan 22, 2012

Went to a birthday party for my 3 yr. old grandson on Friday.
1. Finished book I wrote for him while taking care of my 2 granddaughters as my daughter was stranded in London.
2. Finished the birthday cake - made several
building block towers from the different block shapes he uses and placed them on another cake base. It was colorful and successful.
3. Made zuccini and rice casserole for same party.
4 Brought along apricot cornmeal biscotti that I made earlier.
5 Attended a party on Saturday celebrating the
birth of a grandchild of a friend of mine. Ate
too much!! The outstanding thing was a meat cabob wrapped in a paper thin slice of beet. I
am still trying to figure out how they did it so well.
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