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Joy of stock LXXXVIII

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Posted to Thread #21758 at 11:03 pm on Mar 12, 2012

Huge piles of beef bones, pig feet, gizzards, pork necks, and chicken necks on sale at the market!

With carrots, celery, onions, parsley, celery root, and parsley root topping up the scale, I've got mega-pounds of starter simmering away in the 5-gallon soup pot. I also tossed in a 5-lb. roaster to stew for chicken salad, picked it and tossed the carcass back in.

Beautiful, unctuous, concentrated glace de viande on its way to my freezer.


and a story to share...

A couple months back when I was shopping with my Chinese friend at the Chinese market, I bought piles of bones (see above) to make stock. She said, you are very serious about your stocks! I gave her a quart of very concentrated stock which she used to make hot pot.

She told me the next day: We have never had such wonderful hotpot with your amazing stock!!!

And as I always say: A good stock is the basis of all good home cooking.

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