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No and Yes. Hah! I thought they were going to be more of a project

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to put together Marg but they weren't. Now, I did have John helping(? and I'm really not sure sometimes) so it went quickly. After making the cookie mixture I put it in the fridge for about 30 min because I was afraid it would be hard to work with. Don't. It actually was to crumbly at first until it warmed up a bit. Patted out in the palm of my hand, added the ball of peanut butter mix and just folded around. I then handed it off to the big guy to roll and roll in sugar. It would have not taken much more for me to finish the steps. I flattened a bit to much so next time I won't smoosh as much. I may never make another cookie again. I love Reese's cups and this sure does the trick for me.

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