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NFRC: do you think a fire hydrant would lower property value? Aka, would you buy a house with one?

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Posted to Thread #22202 at 11:48 pm on Jun 1, 2012

So, after 40 some odd years of everything being fine on our street...I get a early knock on the door (woke me up) informing me they are going to relocate the hydrant on the street (4 doors down) and I'm getting it. Tuesday. And because my neighbor has a decorative fence (split rail) they need to place it instead of the corner of the lot - 5 feet into my lawn. (We don't have a parking strip.) I can't see how this won't lower my property value - don't you think? I mean would you buy a house with a big old hydrant in the lawn? I measured the other one - it's 42 inches high and currently I have no plantings that would disguise it. I'd have to relandscape the front lawn to do so. It's also the same place the city told me I had to replant the city tree removed because of sewer line issues. Oh and also I'd lose 2 of the 3 parking spaces in front. There is five total between both houses, but because they are shifting it to my side, my neighbor would get 3 and I'd have only one.

Don't you think this will lower the value of my home?

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