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This weekend...

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Posted to Thread #22571 at 4:43 pm on Jul 29, 2012

Last night before we ran off to the opera (La Traviata), I made a fabulous oyster beef stir fry with a rib eye steak I picked out of the reduced meat bin at the grocery. I made off with 8 beautiful ribeyes for half price! (and this market does their own butchering). There wasn't a thing wrong with them, they were nice and red, but the sell by date was that day so they had to go and my freezer welcomed them with open arms.

I just sliced thinly, wokked, added celery, yellow bell pepper, broccoli, and red onion. Then garlic and ginger, finished off with a slurp of oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, white and sichuan peppercorns and inhaled it. Yum.

Breakfast this morning was buffalo chicken sausages from the butcher (stuffed with chicken breast, blue cheese, tobasco, etc.) with fried eggs. I also made this week's crustless quiche bake for the week's breakfast (bacon, cheddar, red bell pepper, and mushroom).

Roasting a whole turkey breast and basting with the bacon drippings for this week's lunches and a dinner or two.

This afternoon we're going out boating on the Ohio River with friends and are stopping by our favorite Mexican bodega to pack the picnic hamper with soft chicken tacos, green pork mole, tamales, guac, chips, etc. to to take on the boat for our picnic.

I'm ready for my margarita!

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