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Richard in Cincy

I planted 30 tomato plants...

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Posted to Thread #22611 at 1:28 am on Aug 9, 2012

heirlooms, hybrids, I had it all. I thought, surely the local fauna could leave me some of the tomatoes.

No. They ate the tomato plants. They were staked and tied up, then, lo, a trunk out of the ground with the withering tops tied to the top of the stake, and 30 devoured tomato plants with all of the green tomatoes hanging gloriously from them.

The culprit is a colony of big fat ground hogs who have started homesteading under the solarium. The boys went outside and nearly tangled with him. I was so relieved he got under the fence before they caught him. He is bigger than they are. I think the boys would have won the battle, but at what price, how much blood, and how many trips to the vet?

I have set a trap baited with a big red apple and a trail of sweet cherries into the trap. Hopefully I will be driving the groundhog family off to a local park soon.

Can I just grow some tomatoes in my garden???

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