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I am freaking out here. Suddenly, it looks like I will be cooking on

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Saturday for a monthly outdoor flea market that the antique store is having. I meet with the health department on Thursday, and I will have to stock the kitchen and cook, on Thursday and Friday.
I will be up in my new kitchen (I love the sound of that) and serving hot/cold food. It will be in the high 80's with a chance of thunderstorms. I want to serve food that people can either sit down with or walk around with. Casual, but delicious. Any ideas? I am really overwhelmed right now because of opening the cafe. I meet with the health department on Thursday, but I should be able to "cook".
Any ideas? What would you like to eat while you walked around an indoor/outdoor antique store?
For this event, I will be feeding people breakfast items and lunch items. It runs from 9am-6pm. I was thinking quesadillas in the morning along with some baked goods and some cold salads or sandwiches in the afternoon. I will have to serve on disposable plates or "nacho" containers. Acckkkkkkkkk!
Thanks so much!!!

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