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I have some ideas . . .

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1.In addition to pastries you could do breakfast burritos . . make up a batch or two of scrambled eggs (with and without cheese), have a couple of "add-ins" which could be anything from crumbled bacon or sausage, chopped tomatoes, sauteed onions, mushrooms, peppers, etc. Roll up in flour tortilla, maybe add some salsa and package in a Reynold's wrapper. VOILA!

2. Maybe you could do a "cone" of parchment with mini doughnuts or waffle sticks dipped in cinnamon sugar, or something like a honey syrup.

3. I know that there is a crepe station at my Farmer's Market that is very popular, but that may be too time consuming to do each individually.

4. Fresh fruit cups. Disposable cups and spoons.


1. My first thought was gazpacho! Again, simple and "walkable." Ina Garten's recipe is great - kick-ass, though I would make it smoother than normal and then maybe add additional veggies for garnish to give it the bit of crunch it needs (and maybe some cheese on top. Serve in disposable coffee cups with spoons.

I would keep it simple. I know the idea is to cook, but don't go overboard. The idea should be to impress first time out. The prep can be overwhelming. The goal is to have a lot of small variety of good food that people will be interested in rather than a lot of a lot of food that is only so-so.

I had another idea . . . I know it could be expensive and/or more work for you, but it might go a long way . . . I would look into biodegradable/recyclable serving things like bamboo plates, silverware pieces. Even with the reynolds wrapper perhaps you could offer a "rebate" or a free cookie, or something if they bring the disposables/trash back to you to recycle or properly dispose of. That gesture might go a long way and set you apart. It could be part of a marketing strategy. Our Market (the Green City Market in Chicago) does have recycling on site for this purpose.

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