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Richard in Cincy

I bought a peck of heirloom beefsteak tomatoes at the farmer's market and...

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Posted to Thread #22735 at 1:08 pm on Aug 25, 2012

I'm making the wonderful homemade catsup recipe in the back of the old "Joy of Cooking" which I haven't made in years because I've never had enough tomatoes. Every time I use catsup I think about it and what I'm missing. So I shall have about 10 half pints put up later today!!!

Note: if you're interested in this recipe, to the spices listed, I add 1/2 cup raw honey, 1 tbls each of worcestershire sauce, celery seed, white peppercorns, Penzeys pickling spice, and dill seeds, a tsp. of mace, double the black peppercorns and allspice, and quadruple the garlic. The result is a very spicy "adult" catsup. :)

After that, I haven't even thought about it although I have invited a friend for dinner so I need to start! :) Although she's on Atkins induction so I can grill a steak and serve it with a side of salad and she'll be happy.

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