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Well, first time ruining jam...any way to save this?

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Posted to Thread #23141 at 8:13 pm on Oct 30, 2012

I'm so ticked off at myself for trying to follow directions instead of my instinct.

Got all my canning pots/etc going, cut up all my pluots and simmered with sugar to render juice, separated and boiled till syrupy (see recipe at link). Turned my back to find a therm and see if I could use my instant or polder given I don't have a candy one, and poof turned back to molten blackened lava. Clearly that's dead. Anything I could do with reserved fruit pulp? Of should I just toss that too. I'm so kicking myself right now.

PS I don't have a candy therm b/c the old glass one broke and the prop SS one I got to replace it melted the numbers off during first use.

PSS Guess I might as well ask this too - I have 2 Polder therms, one with a lead and one that is remote control. I've never been able to figure out how to use them. There I said it. Bah. I also have a hand held instant read -- could any of these double as a candy therm? The destructions on the ploders didn't seem to say either way.

The house smells of burnt sugar. Can I even toss that stuff down the drain?



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