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Michael in Phoenix

Sounds alot like my father-in-law. He's Filipino and he was a cook...

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Posted to Thread #23431 at 5:11 pm on Dec 15, 2012 the US Navy for 20 years.

The custom on board ship was for the Captain to have his own cook, and the rest of the crew would be fed by the rest of the staff.

Most of the Captains preferred the Filipino cooks for their meals. They took the most care, and they were the best instinctive cooks.

A few years back my inlaws came to Phoenix to visit. My wife and I were at work, so we made arrangements for them to let themselves in. When we got home, the kitchen was filled with wonderful food my father-in-law had prepared, using only what we had on hand.

He's an amazing cook, and an even more amazing Dad.


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