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coconut cream pie report

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Posted to Thread #23556 at 1:29 pm on Dec 31, 2012

The crust was the CI recipe using vodka. I took the beans I was using for pie weights out too soon and the entire bottom became a bubble. I was able to deflate the bubble but the crust did not settle all the way back into the junction of the floor and walls resulting in a bowl shaped crust. The filling was the recipe from CI recommended by several on this site. I only had sweetened coconut so I soaked it in milk for an hour before using it. I think that improved the texture as well as decreasing the sugar. The topping was Italian meringue. I combined information form several sources for the recipe. It was really good but I need to make less next time so I don't have meringue for lunch again. I had some difficulty cutting the pie and moving the pieces, possibly due to the problems with my misshapen crust (sorry the cut piece pic is a little blurry). There was no beading and the meringue adhered fairly well to the filling. At original service there was no weeping but there was a tiny bit after 2 days in the refrigerator. I'll be trying again in a few weeks for hubby's b'day.

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