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Costco vs Sam's

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Posted to Thread #23602 at 12:51 am on Jan 7, 2013

The Nina tomatoes are good. Everybody raves about my Sunday gravy and it's basically those tomatoes hand crushed with a little onion well minced (tablespoon or so) in rendered salt pork fat with just a little fresh basil, maybe oregano, and crushed red pepper flakes.

I hate to admit it but I am finding more and more rude and inconsiderate people everywhere but particularly in the wholesale clubs these days. Standing blocking the aisles, parking like idiots, grabbing samples when they put them out even though two or three people have obviously been waiting patiently for them to come out. Throwing things around and unfolding everything they can on the clothing tables. Not putting their own stuff on the checkout conveyors, etc.

However, except for just some product changes that they used to always stock, I don't have too many issues with them being out, low on stock, etc. on the regular items I buy. I find their quality to be better than Sam's especially for meat. But I buy mainly whole cuts or their freshly ground beef. Their freshly baked goods to be much better especially the artisinal breads which are great! I do wish Costco had more of the restaurant supplies but I don't buy those on a consistent basis so my occasional trips to Sam's are adequate. And there is a GFS Marketplace behind Costco so it's very easy to get what I need.

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