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Soups and stews allow me to cook with whatever is on hand and/or...

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...whatever is on sale. They're so flexible as to ingredients, and they hold well in the fridge. If I have two or three different ones available at a time, the family doesn't tire of any one recipe. I freeze whatever isn't eaten in two or three days, and bust it out a few weeks down the line.

I don't tend to use recipes as much as I prepare these meals by instinct and what I have on hand.

Dry beans are a huge bargain, and whether you're filling tortillas, making soup/stew, or even pureeing them into a faux hummus, you can get away with alot and do so very economically. Pasta is the same, as I'm sure you know.

Think simple meals, with as few ingredients as possible. Don't make the mistake I made for years by running to the store at 3:30 every afternoon to "get what I need for this recipe". That "plan" equals budget disaster.


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