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Get a turkey. And other ideas.

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Posted to Thread #23883 at 6:01 pm on Feb 19, 2013

Roast it. Eat some, either freeze the rest of the meat or make a big casserole out of the rest (and you can freeze the casserole if you have enough). Take the turkey carcass and create a wonderful soup. You get the biggest bang for the buck out of a turkey. I keep bones from chickens, turkeys, pork chops, lamb chops, beef in a big bag in the freezer until I have enough to create a huge pot of soup then I freeze containers for later.

Another cost-cutting tip is to use a lot of noodles- make your own pasta. It is really inexpensive to make from scratch and it is fun. Also make your own sausages or salami- you can get inexpensive cuts of meat, grind yourself and stuff casings. I just made 5 lbs of ground beef and pork into a kind of "Summer Sausage"- I used herbs, a little salsa, some Potato Buds, curing salt- and made five large rolls of sausage (the kind that you slice and use later for sandwiches or added to other dishes) that I then roasted for 4 hours at 225 degrees. I think the total cost was about $16. I used some of it on a homemade pizza instead of pepperoni and it was great. Also scrambled some with eggs- delicious. Could be used in many ways. I buy the "end of the run" meats in the discounted section and freeze them until I have enough to make into a batch. Then I grind and mix.

Make your own bread. Inexpensive. Delicious. Make English Muffins, bagels, pita breads, Naan bread- easy, fun.

Also, my Mom made a great inexpensive treat that we all loved when I was growing up- she'd make tuna salad and put cubes of cheese in it (she used Kraft American), then she'd stuff hot dog buns with the mixture, wrap in foil and freeze them. When we were hungry- snack time or for dinner- she'd thaw, open the foil and bake until toasted and the cheese melted. A great memory for me and I still make them once in a while. So yummy.

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