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I second those suggestions--having the bones from whole birds gives you the base for other meals

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Homemade stock is light years away from canned or boxed. I like to buy whole chickens because I can choose a better quality bird and cut it up. Or roast it whole--a roast whole chicken seems to go so much further than one in pieces. Either way the back and neck can be saved for stock, raw or cooked.

Ham is expensive but if you get one on sale you can dice the leftovers and get so many meals out of it. A little goes a long way and the bones make stock for split pea soup. I try to buy a few each Easter when they are on sale. I freeze the chopped leftovers 2 cups at a time.

If you still have your garden you can get a lot of return on greens and roots: chard, kale and collards keep on giving. Beets and turnips are so easy to grow if you can get your family to eat them. So are lettuce and other salad greens. Other crops save money too but the greens and roots are easiest and most productive.

And as always, dried beans, peas, and lentils are the last great bargains. A pot of one of them each week turned into a soup, salad, curry, or stew can make a dent in the budget. They're nutritious and can replace other proteins.

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