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Paul Massell

keep the faith and when you are ready try to find an heirloom version

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Posted to Thread #23883 at 11:06 pm on Feb 19, 2013

we've been dealing with food allergies in our kids for several years now. My oldest can now tolerate dairy again after several years of allergies to everything from dairy, gluten, corn, soy to even strange things like mangos.
In my opinion this explosion of food allergies is directly related to the genetic modification of our food. Something like 98% of all of the wheat in the U.S. comes from one, single genetic (patented) source. Nature doesn't like that. That's why I mention the heirloom. There are examples of celiacs who can eat heirloom wheats. I grew some heirloom potatoes a few years back. They were purple on the inside and made awesome potato chips. Nice thing about CA is you can grow just about anything.

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