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Yr link is great, & I sincerely TY, Meryl! What I really need is a lesson on how 2 make genoise, &

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Alice Medrich provides just that! Look at this direct quote==>

"With only four ingredients plus salt and vanilla, you can mix up a genoise in less time than it takes to preheat the oven. Simple right? But if you donít measure correctly (please buy a scale) or fold properly, or if you donít know how to prevent tiny flour balls or a rubbery bottom layer, then sister you are cooked."

Alice nailed me with her reference to that rubbery bottom layer (no comments from the Peanut Gallery, please! lol.) I've only attempted genoise twice and both times succeeded in creating a beautifully perfect rubbery bottom layer.

I've cranked out a "faux" genoise w/ no problems (recipe from this site), but keep thinking I ought to be able to conquer the authentic French version. We'll see. U all will be the first to know if this happens in the current lifetime for me....merci beaucoup, Meryl!

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