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Sounds like a cheese plate would fit the bill.

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"We all know that Mr. Lincoln was tall and lean, (and no, I did not stretch the photo to below to emphasize the point) and that he was a mild tempered man, introspective and hard working.

It is said that his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln had a hard time getting him to remember to eat at all. When she did discover things that he truly enjoyed, she made sure that they were available whenever he wanted them. For the most part, his food tastes were simple. He loved fresh fruit, particularly apples. One of his favorite meals was simply fresh fruit and nuts, cheese and crackers.

President Lincoln did have two favorite dishes, Chicken_Fricassee with Biscuits and Oyster_Stew. Actually, he loved oysters just about any way they were served. His dessert tastes were simple as well with Apple_Pie being a favorite. His seldom drank alcohol of any sort. Water was his favorite beverage. On one occasion, a hamper of choice imported wines was sent to Mrs. Lincoln for use at White House functions. She sent it on to a military hospital saying, I never use any and Mr. Lincoln never touches any. Alcoholic beverages were seldom served at White House entertainments."

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