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Paul Massell

two things that I'd start with are: 1) cast iron dutch oven

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and 2) electric tea kettle
Dutch oven is very versatile so you can use it in place of several pots and pans. IMHO they (cast iron) are EASIER to clean not harder than just about any other pan and you don't have to worry about scratching them. If something gets baked on just boil a little bit of water in it and it will come off easily then just re-season if you do the boiled water/steam thing.
Although I drink tea only a few times/month, the tea kettle is probably the most used thing in my kitchen. Boiling water in a couple of minutes for everything from coffee (aero press) to cleaning. And if your stove is electric you'll use less electricity with this than with your stove. Either way it will boil water faster than your stove. Mine is gas but the tea kettle is a lot faster for boiling water.

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